CMR Cracow Metallurgical Coal Exploration Program Takes Off

CMR’s Cracow Project comprises two EPC’s (2386 & 2421), covering a total area of 370km2 overlaying the eastern Bowen Basin near Moura and the Port of Gladstone. The primary target for the Cracow Project is metallurgical coal in seams at shallow depths within the Back Creek Group (Buffel Formation), with an estimated exploration target between 40-60 Million tonnes (Mt).

CMR have begun the initial phases of their exploration program with a SkyTEM aerial geophysics survey over three prospective areas in the Cracow Project. The survey is designed to deliver rapid 3-dimensional insights into the geological, groundwater and weathering framework and optimise placements of 14 exploration boreholes that will define a potential shallow open-cut coking coal resource.

The key objectives of the geophysical survey, in addition to the highly detailed stratigraphic and structural mapping information that SkyTEM airborne EM provides, are to determine where possible, subcrop location and whether the coal is oxidised or not; and detailed lithological information, including faulting and folding, where present.

The acquisition was conducted over three days, 18-20 March 2014 with 150m line spacing over three of the target areas, a total of 330 line kilometres was flown.

The survey was a successful program with nil injuries or incidents.

Acquisition of SkyTEM field data is complete and data processing and interpretation is in progress. The preliminary data is encouraging, indicating excellent penetration and also highlights structural features across the target areas. The raw data is currently being processed in Denmark with interpretation conducted by Mitre Geophysics and Rock Knowledge Services. Once CMR has received interpreted data in the coming weeks, the final borehole locations will be determined and drilling is mooted to commence in the first week of May 2014.